Hiring a Florida Wedding Planner Saves You Money

From the minute you say “I do”, wedding budget woes begin to creep into your head. Well, you have been planning this since you were about 5 years old right? In your head, there must be a way to coordinate your princess expectations with a realistic budget, or maybe you think budget shouldn’t apply to such a long awaited occasion. While the groom is simply trying to find a place to rent a tux, the bride is often busy trying to figure out how to put 1,000 candles in the trees without starting a forest fire. There is a way to save money and still have a dreamy wedding, without the fire, of course!

Time, Time, Time

It is unrealistic to think that you will have time to call and meet with every caterer, baker, and stationary printer in town. Think how much work you might miss having to run around and explore services. This costs you money, as well. The wedding planner will likely cost you less money since their techniques are more efficient when searching for the right services. The wedding planner already knows the strengths and weaknesses of the vendors they work with regularly. You will be matched up with the ones that compliment your wedding theme and budget. Save time, don’t miss work, and let the planner bring vendors to you.

Sometimes it’s Simply Who You Know

It is very important to understand that many vendors depend on weddings and other large events for the majority of their income. These people don’t overcharge you because they hate people, they really do have to feed their families just like you. When you call a caterer on your own, they will give you their standard fees and be done with you. When your wedding planner calls the caterer, something different may transpire. The caterer knows that the planner will send repeat business their way and it benefits both parties to offer more competitive rates in this situation. Let the popularity of your wedding planner work for you. The relationships your professionals has formed with vendors over the years could end up saving you hundreds of dollars.

Details and Extras

Sure, you have an idea and your wedding planner is bringing it to life. However, many wedding planners go above and beyond. Your wedding planner as seen it all. From lime green bridesmaid’s dress to pirate and football themed ceremonies, nothing will surprise your wedding planner. A good wedding planner learns from each event they plan. They remember details that make each occasion special and probably have a book of ideas just waiting to be used again. Your planner will know where to go to find the little things that really bring out the mood of your even, and where to find them at a good price. For example, maybe inexpensive lights can replace candles and present with the same effect.

Certain vendors may also throw in something extra that you weren’t expecting for the chance to earn your business. Your planner will know what is available and who to ask. You may end up with something special you never planned on for an excellent price.

Give a wedding planner the chance to show you what is available with their services. You won’t be wasting your time meeting with a professional wedding planner. Save the money for the honeymoon, hire a wedding planner to get the most out of your wedding budget. Your wedding, and your bank account, will be better for it.

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