3 Steps to Find the Perfect DJ for Your Wedding

Finding the perfect Dj is by far one of the most important aspects, of wedding planning, A bad DJ can turn your reception into a nightmare, so this is an important decision that should be made very carefully! Lets be honest, as a guest, one remembers the good times and how much FUN he/she had!
As a Professional DJ, careful and intricate planning must go into the wedding from start to finish, while instilling an amazing, unforgettable memory for the Bride and the Groom! Here are some proven steps that really work…

Step 1. The Search:
When searching for a Dj your wedding planner may recommend a DJ that they have personally worked with in the past. To be honest, that is not such a bad idea, but as a client you still want to make sure that their DJ is right for you. At this point, grabbing 3 to 5 more DJ’s would be the right route to go.

Step 2: The interview:
Once the pool of DJ’s is complete, the next step is to interview them. Some very important qualities to find out are
• Personality: Get to know the “DJ”. Make sure that the they have an outgoing and vibrant personality! You don’t want a dull DJ that will put everyone to sleep!

• Experience: Typically you want a Dj that has at least 3 years of experience. If they know what they are doing the DJ should guide in creating the perfect timeline!

• Portfolio/DJ resume: This is where you ask the DJ, “do you have anything to show?”. If the Dj is organized they should have videos, pictures, and a clean mix to show transitions and song selection.

Step 3: Appearance:
Do they treat meetings in a professional manner?
Are they well maintained/groomed?
Do they appear to be organized?
Do they have the “look” you expect in a DJ?

Finding the right DJ is not a simple task, but following these proven steps will assure your day is as perfect as you imagined!

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